Short Game Area

Olney Golf Park features a state-of-the-art short game practice area that provides you with a great opportunity to improve your scoring by shaving critical strokes off your game. Our facility offers the most comprehensive short game practice facilities in the area.


  • 12,000 square foot bent grass putting green
  • Two bent grass fairways for pitch shots up to 80 yds
  • Varied lies to master all shots
  • Bent grass target green with green side bunkers for pitch & sand shots

If you really want to lower your scores, you need to sharpen your short game skills through practice... and our short game complex is the perfect place to do it.

If you need to learn the proper techniques used to execute the various short game shots, consider attending one of our Performance Golf Academy short game classes or clinics. If you prefer private instruction, our staff of PGA and LPGA teaching professionals are standing by to help. PGA Tour pros know the most important aspect of their game is their ability to "go low".

So, how do they do it?

According to the short game guru, Dave Pelz. "In golf, how you play inside of 100 yards is the prime determinant of how you score." Statistics show that 65% of all shots are inside 100 yards with 43% of those shots involving putting. That's why tour pros spend so much time working on their short game. They know that "scoring" is what matters most, not how far they hit the ball.


Short game and grass tee areas will ONLY be open to non-members weekdays, Monday through Friday. Short game and grass tee areas will be CLOSED for non-members during the weekends. This new policy will remain in effect until November 1st. After November 1st, short game and grass tee areas will be CLOSED for non-members. Please contact the Pro Shop for any questions about our new policy.

Membership does have its privileges.

Short Game Area Use: $10.00/hr
(1 Hour Minimum)

Putting Green Use Only: $2.50/hr
(1 Hour Minimum)

12 Month Unlimited Grass Tee Use Membership - $200.00

12 Month Unlimited Short Game Use Membership - $250.00

12 Month Unlimited Green Grass Use Membership - $400.00
(Grass Tees & Short Game Area)